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    Originally Posted by Leikaru View Post
    I don't really think this is a good idea. You seemed to have put lots of ideas into one game, and some of it doesn't make sense. Why are there no gyms?Also, I think the idea of Pokemon roaming freely is really bad. The hero will just avoid them, no matter whether they are hostile or not. Also, Pokemon will need to be regularly respawned, which may require a bit of work. Also, I severely recommend changing the name of the game, because there already is a Pokemon X, in Gen 6, and you know that, which could lead to serious trouble with Nintendo, and as much as there are fake games that have the same name as an official f2f name, they were finished before the official one was even announced.
    As for gym, gym leaders, etc.:
    I should clarify. There are gyms, but most are either closed or you can battle, but you don't get a badge. Why? Because it's not part of the story. The main character has more important things to do than bother with badges and league.

    As for wild Pokemon:
    I'm tired of the classic Pokémon games, where you are suddenly attacked by Pokémon in tall grass. I was planning to do so, as it is in normal RPG or MMORPG games where NPC monsters are all around you. Where they can be attacked or they can attack you. As for this, I'm not going to change that!

    As for name of this game:
    I thought that could be a problem with it. But I hoped I will not have to change the name. But I still have some unused names like "Mission X" or "Mutants X". There is still the possibility to change the name ...

    And now the answer for you, Nintendork15 ...
    The building is only the first version. It is very likely that I'll be edit it a few more times. "This helicopter" will not be in the final version o this game. I just mark that, where approximately will be. Everything still will be improved. You can see other imperfections on maps. Still it will be months or years of work before will be all finished. And title screen? The same case. I will edit everything over time. IT'S JUST THE FIRST VERSION!
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