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    Scarf does have a point. I think that politicians arent the only problem...its also the voters. Some vote to make the nation better.(atleast believe in it) Some vote the same person as their friend. Some vote just for the laughs. Some vote the one they are told to vote. And some vote based on biased oppinions. So the problem is also here in the voters. I am not an American so I cannot be sure about this but, do you agree with me that there is not enough talk about politics? I mean REAL talk. What I have seen politicians only try to badmouth oneanother. And the voters do it too. They do not discuss the issues but they are making new ones with their actions. They do not even try to understand one another. This is how I see it. Maybe this is because there are 2 dominating parties in the U.S? So most of the voters are divided between them?

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