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    Leon looked around and saw that his fellow trainers had started their own battles with the goons' Pokemon. "Konoha, Vine whip on the two Patrats and then Pups follow up with a tackle while they are down. Plow them over!" Leon shouted as he sent his Pokemon into the battle. Konoha smirked and proceeded to smack both the Patrats with Vine Whips to knock them down. Once they were both stunned and on the ground, Pups followed up by tackling both of them into the trees of Route 1. The Patrats were now officially knocked out. Leaving only one Patrat that started battling Grey's Eevee. "Alright Grey, show me what you've got as my travelling partner." Leon returned Pups to his Pokeball while Konoha jumped onto his shoulder and watched the battle. He then glared over to the Patrat trainer that was an ally, or so he thought. "Don't you interfere in this battle either. This is to test the skills of my travelling partner from this point onwards."
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