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    Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
    Whenever I try to convert .imd to .nsbmd, I keep getting this message:

    I still get this message even after I downloaded the said .dll and put it into System32.
    EDIT: nevermind, I found out I just need to put the dll into the same folder as the converter
    EDIT: converter still doesn't work, I get "Destination file name must be specified" error in the command prompt :/

    EDIT: I found this handy-looking tool:
    I'm on a mobile device right now, can anyone see if it works? (EDIT: It works)

    EDIT: lol sorry for another edit, but, 3DS Max 6 does not work on Windows 7. I'm trying to get maps to work by exporting with Maya (with the Nintendo plugins of course), but it shows up weird in Spiky's Map Editor when I import the model. Does anyone know how to export correctly from Maya?

    Hey that tool on CW Games doesnt work anymore.

    Also 3DS Max 8 works fine on windows 7! and nitro plugins work.
    If you need the tools just email me... [email protected]
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