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    Brian was about to speak when Leena suddenly burst from her pokeball, laughing wickedly.

    "Oh, Brian, I'll lead her~ Mwehehee!" she laughed, floating in the air around him, Snype, and Thyme. That was a terrible idea. Leena? Sure, Valorie would get there... But the misdreavus had a love of scaring people and pulling pranks. Somehow Brian doubted this would be the one time she didn't.

    "Shut up Leena." Thyme said with annoyance. Leena crowed and laughed at her, grinning at Snype, her eyes shining. No, definitely not a good idea.

    "Um... N-no thanks Leena, we'll take care of it... And sure, I can do that. And Thyme and the rest of my pokemon can help me find more grass types." Brian said, though apparently his pokemon were ALL evesdropping inside their pokeballs, and had all chosen this particular moment to burst out and offer up ideas. Drizzle the buizel leapt out of his pokeball and landed next to Brian.

    "Hey guys. Bri, I had a thought, what about where you caught me? That bluff sure is beautiful on full moons, and I had hoped to bring someone special there myself one day, but I guess it's ok to let you see it too." he said, smiling at Thyme and Snype briefly before turning back to the others. Thyme said nothing for a change.
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