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    Rating map by X80relianthop: It's a pretty good base, but you could use a bit more to fill it up, like some trees in the blank spaces, also it has a mart and pokecenter, so id assume there would be people there to use them, so maybe a little house or two. These are all just things that could be added, its a nice set up for now. the only thing i dont particularly like is the bottom right where there's grass for wild pkmn in the small corner, i would say either add more throughout the map, or at least make it stand out more than being secluded in a corner.
    my rating: 6/10

    My map:
    FR hack
    name: pallet, route1, viridian city, route 22, route 2, pewter city
    This will be my map for the demo that i will soon be releasing for my hack, the demo will go up through pewter city, viridian forest is also included, its the grouping of trees on route 2. I threw them all together to get an overall rating. im just trying to keep most of the original cities, but with maps edited to what i personally like, or edited for storyline purposes. Let me know what you think!
    also, i know its pretty small, feel free to save it so you can take a better look at it, if you wish. but if you know the kanto map, it should be pretty easy to tell what's what