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Mako Reese and Cecilia (Gin) Reese

Mako and Cecilia watched as the girls beat down the boy who was assaulting Bay. Cecilia clapped and made expressions that would imitate laughter. Mako wasn't sure what to make of the situation. He wasn't quite happy that Bay was getting hurt for no reason at all, and Amy even tried to stop the madness, but to no avail. As Mako expected, the assailant was eaten by Lucy, and though he felt bad for the poor boy, a smirk inadvertently sprouted on his face.

After a short while, Lucy asked the two if they were coming along, and motioned for Mako to come over to her. He smiled and replied, "Yes ma'am!" On his way, however, he noticed that Amethyst was lying on the ground. He didn't remember her sustaining any damage, but she definitely looked unconscious. Mako ran over to her, bringing Cecilia down from off of his neck and cradling Amethyst's body, saying in a panicked voice, "Amy!? Amy, are you alright?" He put his ear to her chest...and there was a heartbeat. He could even hear her breathing steady albeit shallow breaths. She didn't seem to be in a critical state, nor did she seem to be descending into one...from what he could tell.

"Sorry Cecilia, looks like Amy's gonna have to have a turn." Cecilia pouted and puffed her cheeks at this. She was a spoiled girl. Mako placed Amethyst on his back and wrapped her arms around his neck, promptly picking her legs up and hunching over so that she wouldn't fall off. He walked over to Lucy and said, "So, uh..." He looked at Amethyst's face, and back to Lucy. "What's up...?"
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