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Answer to current topic: I think the most interestingly designed Pokémon from Gen I is Gyarados. I love the detail that was put into it - it's so elegant and beautiful yet intimidating I also love the old Chinese legend about it's origins - if a carp could successfully swim up to the mountain top and jump down the waterfall (can't remember the exact story), it would turn into a magnificent water-dragon. This stuff fascinates me!

Reason for Joining: I don't think the Gen I Pokémon are credited enough, really. Of course, everyone remembers them, but I actually feel sorry for younger ones growing up with the Pokémon we have today, not that they're bad or anything, but I have to admit I prefer the older ones. I've basically joined to help show that people do remember them, and remember the best story lines ever that were in the anime. I remember the first ever episode I watched - the one where Charmander's trainer abandoned him and I cried so hard! So, I caught up on all of the episodes and never missed one. Seriously. If I had to go out, I'd beg my mum to let me watch the episode first. It's my favourite generation and it had my favourite trio - Ash, Brock and Misty!
Ah, nostalgia!
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