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I need to know why my copy of pokemon sapphire is no longer working properly:
below is some details of my problem:

1. My internal battery ran dry 10 weeks ago, and i replaced it, using electrical tape to hold it in place.
2. The message telling me the battery was dry was no longer coming up.
3. Recently, the game started up with the message "The internal battery has run dry. The game can still be played. However, clock- based events will no longer occur."
4. I found out that my battery had simply slipped out of its placement, and that the game could not read the battery.
5. After i placed the battery back in, the game no longer showed the message.
6. I checked to see how long the battery had been undetectable, and the internal clock was functional.
7. I went to Mossdeep Space Center, to check up on how many rockets had launched, and the man did not say the number of launched rockets, but said "The rocket's launch is immenent!"
8. I checked up on all of my planted berries, and discovered that the berries were not growing.
9. I checked the Lillycove mart, where i had a close out sale that was supposed to happen that day, and there was no sale person.
10. I checked the clock again. Still working.
11. The next day, the clock stopped working, too.
12. I am using a copy of Emerald to take care of my berry needs, but i had 10 weeks on my space center.
13. I have regional competitions next January, and i needed deoxys so i could train my team better via link cables. I no longer have that option.

What do I do? I have over 300 pokemon on my pokedex, so restarting the game is not an option. Is there anything I can do?

Also, the game still does not say the battery has run dry. Is there someone from Nintendo who can help me? I have a lot of extra achievements (2 stars, 19 ribbons, record of 50 wins in a row for battle tower, and 63 Elite Four victories), so unless there is a way to do a data transfer, i do not want to replace the game.
If the battery is dead, it's dead. idk about the replacement not working. That's not my forte. My concern is that you're talking about the Space Center and Deoxys and regionals. 1. The Space Center rumor about getting a Deoxys from the space launch thing isn't real. It doesn't work and there's no way to get Deoxys in a gen III cart anymore other than hacking. 2. There are regionals for a gen III game next January? That's a bit strange. Unless you mean you need a Deoxys from gen III. Which like I said, won't happen unless you hack it, which is looked down upon and I don't think it'd be allowed in anyway.

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