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    chapter two; VELVET LIGHTS II
    Trey Vincent//Viridian Forest

    "Kari? Kari?”

    “She can’t hear you anymore, son.”

    ”Then unplug her ears! MAKE her hear me!”

    ”The only thing that’s plugging her ears is death, boy. Ain’t no way you can unplug that.”

    “NO!! SHE’S NOT DEAD!!!” The boy threw himself on the ambulance, over the body of his sister.

    The warmth she had provided for him was gone. The soft touch of her hand running through his hair had vanished. All that was left was a pale body with empty eyes that stared out at nothing and everything at the same time.

    Including their former younger brother.

    “She’s….somewhere else now, kid. I’m sorry, we did everything we could.” The man dressed in the doctor’s outfit stood behind him, sixteen hours of surgery weariness etched on his face.

    The young six year old with ice blue eyes sobbed, his chest heaving. The doctor proceeded to walk over to where a couple stood, clean lab coat and glasses covering the puffy eyes of a man that just finished sobbing, a brown mess of hair and ball of used tissues covering the face of a grief stricken mother.

    “The piece of metal from the car punctured and inflicted a major wound to her heart. She passed out because of blood loss, and she was still blacked out when she died. She went peacefully.” The doctor continued. The boy could hear what the doctor was telling his parents, it didn't make a difference. She was still dead. He walked over to his parents and listened to what the doctor had to say.

    “The authorities are trying to find the car that hit her, but they haven’t identified them yet. Don’t worry, justice will be served.”

    The boy looked up at the doctor, face smeared and blurred with tears as he motioned toward the deceased young woman. His deceased sister.

    “Justice is a lie.”

    There had been a time when he wasn’t so good at lying. Before the days where he would come home with a bloody lip and bruised eye, and if Kari was there she would ask; ‘What happened?’

    ‘I fell down the stairs.’ His small voice would come out, emotionless.

    ‘They locked you in the closet again, didn’t they?’

    ‘I told you, I fell down!’

    ‘Silly brother, come here and let me see that….’ Bandages and salve would be whipped out and applied.

    Before the days where someone else healed his wounds, Trey had been a terrible liar.

    As the days turned to weeks, and the weeks turned to months, and slowly, the months to years…..Trey began to get better. He was soon able to lie to a teacher’s face and get away with it so well, that the grown up in question didn’t suspect a thing. He had become a smooth talker, supported by fictional facts and airs of fake enthusiasm. The truth stopped showing, eventually. If he was upset, he tried not to show it. Emotions gave the opponent an advantage.

    All the world was an opponent. People were no longer people. People were demons with horns and teeth that made you crazy eventually.

    And Trey Vincent was above people.

    Trey Vincent was above insanity.

    Thoughts of the past now swirled through his head. It was too hard to face the future now. The mistakes he had made piled up. Despite his cautionary actions…..mistakes had still happened.

    The demons had gotten to him.

    He wondered if he had done the right thing. He wondered how she had gotten into his life in the first place, looking like another person. Perhaps….it wasn’t her at all. Perhaps it was the fates playing some kind of cruel joke on him.

    Perhaps it was his mind, giving one final chance to redeem himself. If so, he had blown it.

    It had felt right, real. It had been her….


    Somehow, he knew the answer to that question already.

    Yes, it had been her. He didn’t know how he knew, he just did. It was like finding a familiar face in a crowd of people, like seeing someone’s familiar shape from far away.

    Yes. It had been her.

    The demons are coming.

    In a way….Trey had gotten his final wish. He should have felt better. A weight should have been lifted.

    But it wasn’t.

    Cover your ears…

    Why was it that whenever he tried, nothing went right? Why wasn’t he a normal person, someone that succeeded in life every so often?

    Why was he like this?


    He cursed his own mind. He cursed his human mind. The thoughts flowed in faster than he could register them, thoughts of questions and answers and pleas and cries and poems and sounds and smells and feelings and those stupid what ifs that burned away at his sanity….

    He still couldn’t erase the image of her face. It haunted him, wavering on the edges of his vision. It maddened him. The guilt and his own reasoning clashed like waves on a defiant shore.

    You shouldn’t have-

    I deserve to be happy

    no you don’t

    It wasn't my fault.

    It was. Unforgivable…

    She didn't blame me...

    There was hate in her eyes. You had no right-

    I can think for myself!

    Can you?

    I can live my own life!

    Can you?

    Some scars sink into your skin, and melt away there, a faint line under the cellular organ of many colors.

    Some scars grow continuously deeper, never expanding, only growing and growing and growing until they hit bone.

    Some scars bleed.

    Some scars scab and heal.

    And some……never fade.

    Just like people.

    Just like our souls.

    It loomed above all, the treetops light and everything below still and dank. No wind blew here. Nothing stirred. It was eerie and silent, boughs of darkness beckoning for all to enter, but none to come out.

    He sat there, silent. His knees pulled up to his chest, his arms dangling off them as if he were a lifeless mannequin. His head looked down, at nothing.

    A single Emolga hovered on by.



    “I LOVE LAMP.”


    Two young boys had stumbled upon Trey and stared at him awkwardly. He looked up, emotionless.

    “I love yelling.” One of them said.

    Trey continued to sit there, then placed his head in his hands. His frame shook slightly and he threw back his head quite suddenly, letting his laughter out to the world. It was a laugh of a madman, the laughter of someone confined within a closed room for too long.

    One of the boys looked up from the Viridian Forest map, nervously. “Dude?”

    “Ahaha….” His laughter died slowly, and he exhaled. Inhaling again, his face regained it’s usual bored composure, and he spat angrily at the ground.

    “That Emolga…..”

    “What about her?” the boy with the map inquired lightly. "Did you see her??"

    “Heh. Nevermind. It’s nothing.” Trey grinned slightly, standing up and looking toward the distance, off beyond the cradle of two large stones, where a clearing could be seen. “Who are you guys, anyway?” Trey inquired lightly, picking up one of his clipped pokeballs.

    "I'm Chris." The boy with the map smiled.

    “And me? I’m Andrew Krilling, expert Pokemon trainer and the reincarnation of TARZAN!!!!!!!” Andrew struck a pose, his smiling teeth glinting with blinding light.

    “MY EYES! MY EYES!” Chris yelled.

    “TURN IT OFF!” Trey yelled.

    Andrew frowned sadly and closed his mouth. “I brushed really hard to get this smile.”

    "This Emolga has been paralyzing unsuspecting travelers as a prank. So I called my friend Andrew here to help me capture this fiend."

    “This is my home, Viridian Forest, so when I heard the commotion I mosied over as fast as I could mosy on a vine. I will capture this prankster to restore peace to my home.” Andrew proudly stated.

    "Whatever the case may be. Emolga's are extremely fast and agile," Trey turned over to the two trainers. "We're gonna need an even faster Pokemon."

    "WE?" Both Chris and Andrew inched closer to Trey.

    "Yeah. I'll help." Trey smirked and pressed the button on the ping pong sized Pokeball in his hand to enlarge it to the size of an orange. "Grim!" Out came the large praying mantis, its large scythes tore through the tall grass surrounding it as it stood there silently.

    "WOAH!" Both trainers were amazed by the rare bug type Pokemon.

    Just then there was a loud barking as a large, purple and brown, Herdier launched himself towards the trainers from behind the trees. He skidded to a stop and growled at Andrew, who looked over immediately, a worried look on his face.

    “What?! Bip, are you telling me the truth?”

    Bip barked. “ROWR ROWR!”

    “What’s wrong?” Trey looked at Andrew’s pale face.

    “He’s found the Emolga.”

    Well that’s great!” Chris grinned happily.

    “The Forest Guardian has put her to sleep and is torturing her with nightmares.” Andrew finished.

    “And….that’s bad.” Trey cracked his knuckles, and looked at Bip.

    “Lead the way!” He ordered, and Bip nodded, launching himself into the depths of the forest towards the clearing Trey spotted earlier, the three humans and Grim following close behind.

    Speed was of the essence. When they arrived to the end of the forest, the deepest part, a small Emolga was laying on the ground, writhing in pain. A large, blue Altaria, it’s eyes glowing a burning white, was singing a beautiful tune, looking down onto the electric type. Nightmares in the form of fanged imps danced above her head, and luckily the Altaria was so absorbed in her Dream Eater attack that she didn’t notice the five intruders until Grim performed a Pursuit Attack and slammed her across the clearing.

    “Wow, look at him go.” Chris observed, watching the battle.

    “Yeah. I don’t even have to order him around.” Trey mused, looking slightly put out from that fact. Grim lunged quite suddenly to perform a Quick Attack, Altaria dodged and lowered her head to charge. Trey saw what she was doing and quickly thought it through. This pokemon was levels above Grim in literal and power terms. He would need to even the playing field.

    "Leer!" Grim concentrated, and a cold chill ran up into Altaria’s feet and eventually spread through his whole body. The dragon pokemon sagged, her Headbutt attack interrupted. She shook it off after a few seconds of weakness and lowered her head again, this time immediately charging for Grim. He took the brunt of the blow, flying through the air and landing a ways away, beside Emolga’s body.

    Altaria smirked, satisfied. She then turned to the humans, scowled, and lifted them all in the air telekinetically. Bip struggled to attack, but it was useless. Altaria’s Psychic attack was far too powerful.

    “Chris!” Andrew yelled, and Chris looked over at him.

    “We’re going to need some fire!”

    Chris looked confused for a few seconds, then nodded.


    "Ready…………” Andrew concentrated as he spoke out loud.


    Chris released his Flareon in the blink of an eye, the growling fire type released a fire spin the engulfed the Altaria. Trey watched as a ring of large flames dance around the confused pokemon, "Grim, use Vacuum Wave!" The fire and deafening waves combined to create a frustrating wall, a barrier of heat and noise. The Altaria scowled, and concentrated. While she kept up his telekienisis, she breathed out a veil of energy that protected her from the flames and made the explosion noise duller.

    “Dammit!” Trey gritted his teeth.

    “That’s all she's got….” Chris muttered. His Flareon coughed up the last few embers she could and floated there, exhausted.

    “What are we going to do?!” Chris asked Andrew, and he struggled.

    “I think I have something…..BIP! USE GLARE, NOW!”

    The Herdier opened it’s eyes, now a blood red with slit pupils. He focused on the Altaria, and it shivered slightly, trying to look away. The telekinesis faltered.

    “That’s it!” Trey whooped happily. "Zilla! Scary Face!" The large jawed water type immediately shot a nasty look towards the wild Pokemon, who tried to look away. Zilla proceeded to stick out its tongue playfully and wave his behind around to catch its attention. As soon as it did, Zilla shot another Scary Face. It let down it’s telekinesis immediately and began to chase the Croconaw around with numerous Headbutts. “Think Bip can help out now, Andrew?”

    Andrew nodded. “Sure thing. Bip! Body Slam attack, now!”

    Bip came up behind the distracted Altaria and charged into him with full force. The Altaria was knocked into the air, falling back to earth rapidly. Grim jumped high to meet the Altaria halfway, took her wings in between his scythes, and whirled her around several times, flinging her up and away, spiraling out past the treetops and far, far into the forest. The Emolga awoke almost immediately, and began to cry with thankfulness as Andrew picked her up in his arms and they all began to walk to Andrew's home.

    Andrew lived in a small treehouse constructed of bamboo. It rested among the leaves of a huge, hulking Sitrus berry tree, gnarled and old. Inside, the place was small, with a cot, table, and chairs lined up against the wall. Andrew plopped everyone down in chairs, seated himself on the bed, and sighed.

    “All's well that ends well, eh?.” Andrew clapped his hands. The Emolga happily flying around the tree house.

    "You're not going to use a Pokeball?" Trey raised an eyebrow as the Emolga landed gracefully on Andrew's shoulder.

    "Don't need to, she's beyond happy we saved her so I think she'll stick around the treehouse for awhile now. Oh, and let me thank you for helping us out!" Andrew smiled as he handed a small item wrapped in a bandanna. Trey's curiosity was peaked and he unwrapped the item to reveal a dark stone with a fossilized leaf inprinted on it. "It's a leaf stone, living my entire life in the forest I've come across many items."

    "This is a token of our appreciation." Chris added.

    "OUR appreciation? It's MY stone that I'm giving him. I don't see you giving him anything!"

    "I let him draw out the map of the forest I have, he said it would help alot so take THAT!" Chris snapped back. The two went at it for a little while longer and Trey looked down at his notebook he layed down on the desk. The leaf stone placed on the part of the map he no longer needed, from the treehouse it was about a ten minute walk to the exit it seemed.

    He closed his notebook and placed it in his bag as the two broke out in a wrestling match, Bip and Emolga cheering on Andrew as Trey looked on. This brought a smile to Trey's face, and the boy chuckled.

    For once in his life, Trey Vincent was happy.

    The leaf stone held Trey's page in his notebook a breeze flew through the tree house. But the pages were shuffled about just enough to reveal a taped letter on the back cover of the notebook.

    Dear little brother,

    When I heard from Mom and Dad that you were taking an interest to Pokemon, I got so excited I decided to drive out to my old Academy and enroll you. It's a last minute registration but since I'm close with the dean of admissions she's decided to admit you! My shift just ended so I decided to just drive over to the Academy to pick up your registration packet. Sorry you couldn’t come with me, work tied me up, again. That and the fact that some tourists keep fiddling around at the League Gate. I’ve had to chase snitchy old men away for days. I need a vacation.

    Love you lots. I’ll be home soon to see the smile on your face this packet bring to you. Count on it.





    P.S. i told them you're name was Moe.

    P.P.S. That was a joke. They know your name.

    P.P.P.S. Nads. I win.

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