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I'll try not to make my post as long as the others :P

Off the top of y head, here are some I really like!:

Golurk: (this was obvious) It's awesome. It has a great color scheme, the turquoise is really cool for a gollum pokemon, as I would have thought one of those would be brown and crumbly. Golurk also has that awesome band across its chest, which gives it an air of power and awesomeness. Also, I love its tiny head in comparison to it's body, it's cute and funny! :D Golurk's eyes are also cool as they're kind of derpy :DDD The fact that it lights up with energy makes it look BA, as well as those bands around it's wrists and ankles

Whimsicott: This thing is absolutely adorable. It's a huge ball of fluff, and is a great change from cottonee, who was just weird looking in my opinion. It's got the happiest face and IT'S SO FLUFFY OMG. I also love it's little ear thingies :D

Sigilyph: This thing is super awesome looking. It's like a billion times better version of unown. I love how it's a flying heiroglyph combined with a clay pot! And it's the fact that it's one-eyed is just... awesome! Also, it looks amazing as an animated sprite, as it's like a 3D heiroglyph which makes it even cooler. I also think it's a really creative design

Frillish (female): I prefer this version of frillish to the other, as frillish male has a tomato for a head. Anyway, frillish female is awesome! It looks ghostly - but happy, which is refreshing due to all the mean-spirited or sad looking ghost types we have floating around. The design is just plain awesome to be honest, it's simple but cool, with frillish floating up and down, and just looking COOL

Bouffalant: It has an afro, 'nuf said. Just kidding, but the afro is definitely the best part! This bull looks like it means serious business, and the afro it has is just all sorts of amazing. It's a simple pokemon with one cool feature, which is nice in a region with many complex designs. AFROS
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