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    Back at Johns mansion there was a big party going on the inside, while Alice was playing around with all of Ash and Black Jacks pokemon. She then saw a bunch of stars floating in the sky; she decided to stare at the stars along with the pokemon.

    Look, Pikachu, she said. Those stars look like you, right?
    Pii pika pika! Pikachu cried joyfully.

    Also outside the mansion but outside of the front door, Misty was sitting on the steps of Johns mansion. She was wearing a black beautiful dress and white shoes and her hair was let down. She was admiring the starry skies when Ash, who was wearing a tux, walked up behind her. Misty.

    She turned to see her best friend. Oh. Hi, Ash, she replied.
    Mind if I sit next to you? he asked.
    Why would I?

    Ash sat next to her. They both looked and admired the sky. Looks beautiful tonight, right, Ash? Misty asked.
    Ash looked at a black beautiful dress and white shoes that she was wearing. She also had her hair down to look pretty for the party.

    Not as beautiful as you, Mist, Ash replied, showing a small pleasant smile. She gave a small blush as she looked at him.

    There was some small silence between them. The only noise was heard from inside the mansion, where a lot of guests were, talking loudly but not too loud.

    Ash, Misty said. Since you and Black Jack entered that base, I knew that you would defeat Mane. But somehow, I felt this pain in my heart and I thought

    Tears came out of her eyes and Ash knew what she was talking about. Its alright, he said as he wiped away her tears with her thumb.

    But, Ash, how? she asked in a confused tone.
    I dont know exactly, but when I heard Pikachu screaming, I felt something deep inside me I had Brock, Mom, May, Max and the other guys to back me up, but theres one person who really believed in me.

    They both looked at each other in the eyes. Its you, Misty, he said in a soothing yet nervous tone. Something deep inside me kept on telling me that theres one person in life that I wanna live for its you, Misty and the reason is I love you.

    Misty became quite surprised and happy at the same time. She hugged him very tightly as tears came flowing from her eyes. I love you too, Ash. I was afraid to tell you that because I felt that it might ruin our friendship and Im sorry.

    Ash calmed her down. Shh. shh, shh. Its okay. Nothing can break us apart, not even one small confession.

    They both stopped hugging each other and held each others hands. Ash momentarily stopped as he wiped Mistys tears away again and he went back to holding Mistys hands again. Never have they held each others hands before, let alone felt the smooth and comfort of each others skin like this moment.

    Their faces closed in on each other until their lips touched. Ash and Misty kissed each other for the very first time. It was a long kiss and between them it felt like there was a warm fire within them, not even feeling the cold wind from the night.

    They soon stopped kissing and smiled at each other. You wanna check out the rest of the stars? Ash asked.
    With you, I will, Misty replied.

    Elsewhere, not far from the mansion, Black Jack was at a cemetery. He was standing near two graves that were close to each other. Hi, mom hi, dad he said softly. He placed two bouquets of flowers on top of the graves.

    It has been a long time, he said. As youve mightve noticed, Ive been a bit busy lately Ive done some good and bad things, got into a couple of fights but nothing too serious, but I put all the bad things behind me. Sometimes, I dont know what I see myself as, sometimes I see myself as a bad guy, sometimes I see myself as a good guy.

    Yknow, Johns a lucky man. Hes doing well in his job as vice-president of Burgcorp, hes got a wife and kid and when I see that kid shes a special kid that would make friends with anybody I hope that shell be as beautiful as you, mom, well, she will be

    Black Jack heard some footsteps and turned round to see an old man with a bowler hat and suit coming his way. He turned his attention back to the graves.

    If either one of you two bump into Sensei Wong, he continued. Tell him thanks.

    Well, Jack, said the old man. What are you doing here?
    Just making these two graves look pretty, Jason, Black Jack replied.
    Well I know how much you miss your parents but let me tell you something my old man told me, as long as you keep your loved ones in your heart, theyll always be there.
    Black Jack smiled. Thanks, Jason.
    Jason, his foster parent, smiled back. Cmon, my boy, lets go home.

    As Jason walked over to the limo, a man in a suit opened the back door for him. Jason entered the limo while Black Jack got on his motorbike and they both rode back to Johns mansion.

    As they reached the mansion, both of them came out of their vehicles. As they walked to the entrance, Black Jack spotted Ash and Misty outside in smart and rich clothing, looking at the stars and they were both holding hands.

    Black Jack smiled. What can I say, he thought to himself. That Misty kid digs those zigzag markings.

    Meanwhile, Cassandra was in the party area when she looked out of the window and saw Black Jack entering the mansion. Ah, Black Jack, she said. She smiled at the fact that Black Jack does have people to care for. Maybe I should have fun with Alice. Shes probably in her room.

    She made her way to Alices room but to her surprise, Seed and Cecilia were there instead of Alice. Hey, wheres Alice? she asked. What are you guys doing here?
    Shes in the garden downstairs, Seed replied.
    And we sensed that you have suspicions about us, Cecilia continued.
    You two know each other? Cassandra asked.
    Yes. We came from the same clan that no one must know about yet.
    I know what clan youre talking about. And I did promise that I wouldnt say a word about it.
    Good, because no one is not to know of our existence yet.
    Hold the phone. Whys that?
    Now is not the time to reveal all. But well meet again, Cassandra.

    With that, Seed and Cecilia disappeared with a puff of smoke, leaving Cassandra with questions inside her head.

    The end?

    Yep! Thats it! The end of this fic! If you want, you can check what theme song I have for this fic.

    Plus, I have some more good news whispers Im working on the second series of Pokemon Impact!

    In the meantime Reviews please!
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