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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
twocows, Mac... what's with the hate? They can attempted a comeback, not saying it will work (I don't think it will), but stranger things have happened. Look at Apple's history
The "hate" is because they had the cellphone industry by the throat for years and instead of actually putting out a better product and bettering peoples' lives, they let things stagnate until someone else took up the torch. I don't want them to "make a comeback" unless it involves getting rid of every single person in charge of the direction of the company for the past decade. They'll just sit on their collective rumps again if they do make a comeback, and that's unforgivable for a tech company. It's both their financial and ethical responsibility to innovate. If they can't do that, they fail at being a corporation and they fail at being a useful part of society. Their stupidity is directly responsible for a lower quality of life for some 300 million Americans for a significant part of the last ten years. Who knows what brilliant inventions or art or whatever we've missed out on because they failed to add obvious and useful functionality to devices used by millions? I hope they rot.
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