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Originally Posted by Ultimate PKMN Trainer Red View Post
But it could happen...what if they work together for one console? A brand new console? Well...I saw this "trailer" and I can say they aren't working with Windows...guess it's gonna be another console Sony's releasing...a brand new console...yeah.
I doubt they'd do any sort of merger. Microsoft and Sony have very different ideals and different practices. That, and Sony and Microsoft are both part of larger companies: Sony and Microsoft; they always their other products (such as Microsoft selling Windows and Windows software, and Sony selling an assortment of items) to supplement them, so even if their gaming branches went under, they'd have no reason panic. That's why a MicroSony system would be so unbelievable: the Xbox and Playstation are just relatively small pieces of a much larger company.

Now, they could have some sort of business agreement, but that would show vulnerability in the companies at large, and that would be a VERY bad thing for those companies, as other companies would take the opportunity and announce new products, offer better deals, and steal investors, among other things. So it really wouldn't be in either of their best interests to do so.
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