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Kilik Chambers - Infirmary

So much was said around the room. Valorie denied what Kilik stated. Attract usually doesn't work on a female from another female. That is some secret...

This sure was an interesting day for Kilik. Draco explained what would happen if anyone else found out about Mana's special trait. Kilik was gonna make sure to keep this secret a secret, nothing more. This is just between Kilik, Draco, Mana, Kiyoko, & Valorie. So, what now? Valorie was already heading for the door to go to that Thanksgiving event in the cafeteria. Speaking of which, Pyrce made an announcement. What was Kilik really thankful for?

"Um..." Kilik rubbed his hair thinking about the dinner. He really had no one to go to. His parents... He made no eye contact, just looking at the door. "You guys go on ahead. I'm not really hungry right now." No one could tell how Kilik was feeling from his look, except maybe his voice right now. It was pretty low & dim, but could still be made out. Yes, Kilik is upset. No one really to be with at dinner, nobody that special. Upsetting, but Kilik wasn't going to admit it so easily.

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