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    Guess it's finally time for an update on my Unova section of Elec-Mono:

    Ultimate Elec-Mono Challenge:White2

    - Started file, named myself Nate and my rival Hugh

    - Chose Oshawott for an extra challenge against Hugh

    - Made my way to Floccesy Ranch and caught a Mareep

    - Did the usual events and headed back to Aspertia Gym
    - Managed to beat Cheren with just a Mareep and obtained the
    Basic Badge

    - Headed to Virbank City and entered the Virbank Complex

    - Caught a Male Elekid named "Livewire" and a Magnemite named "Magnet Man", then I decided to bench Mareep because I just used one in my first run of Black 2 back in October

    - Entered the Virbank Gym and easily beat Roxie thanks to Magnemite thus netting me the
    Toxic Badge

    - Did the Pokestar event then took the ship to Castelia City

    - Did the Sewer event then caught a Male Eevee named "Jagged"

    - Trained a bit then entered Castelia Gym

    - Had a rough time with Burgh but once again Magnemite saved the day giving me the Insect Badge

    - Fought Colress and made my way to Nimbasa City

    - Found a Thunderstone and evolved Eevee into Jolteon

    - Caught a Female Emolga and nicknamed it "Emonga" because I hate Emolga and didn't feel like giving it a nickname, I just wanted one because it was part Flying

    Right now I'm just training up a bit and then it's off to beat Elesa, which I hope is easier done then said...

    Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished: