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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
It's a lot less interesting than Pokémon, because there's no like backstory to them.

Like Charizard and the Blue-Eyed Fart Devil or whatever may be the same, but you've developed a closer bond to Charizard because he's technically been your "friend" (through the games) and you've gotten to know the character as a whole through the anime and manga, but the Dragon Pisscake, at the most, has just been a monster in the anime, and you have no true bond between them.

That's why I like Pokémon cards more than Yugioh. Pokémon are more about relations and friendships than about power.
. . . Well, that's because Pokemon started out as a video game. Not to mention there are a LOT LESS Pokemon than Duel Monster Spirits.
And, in fact, a lot of the Duel Monster Spirits have deep and involved back stories, if you'd bother to pay any attention to them. Obviously you don't, considering you only seem to enjoy insulting what you don't seem to know. >.>;

I always liked Yu-Gi-Oh cards more than Pokemon. I learned to play the YGO card game when I was, like, four. I didn't even understand how the Pokemon card game worked until a year or two ago, because I was never interested. I still really am not. I get some Pokemon cards every now and then just for the sake of having them, but, in my opinion, the YGO card game is far superior to that of the Pokemon TCG.
Sadly, I never had money to spend on cards.
That's why I use Dueling Network now whenever I feel like dueling in YGO, lol.

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