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    This could have been avoided by the proper use of antibiotics to begin with.
    I'm not making wild general accusations her I'm just saying that I personally know people who would catch a cold and think "Some antibiotics aught to do the trick" And just pop two leftover pills. It worked of course but by taking them the individual is not allowing their immune system develop a tolerance for minor infections which makes it harder to protect against more serious ones. This possibly affects future children as well.

    Of course some diseases like gonorrhoea naturally adapt quickly to antibiotics so it's not all about taking them only when absolutely necessary. What we need is more medical professionals helping to find a permanent cure.

    The infections that doctors say could kill you from a minor operation in the future are just advanced versions of what we have today. So let your children lick windows and stuff because it's good for their immune system. Having your child wash their hands 3-4 times a day (not including after using the bathroom) is dangerous, they will get sick more often and to a greater extent. This is a trend these days with all the fancy detergents that kill "99.99% of bacteria".
    Surely this will be a major factor in the infection rates of the future.
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