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    Youkai academy is looking for three new members!

    Please join us! And Lilizuki's local mini bar in the OOC thread c:

    What discourages me to join a Roleplay… well, if it's a RP about a certain anime or game (other than Pokémon) I don't know much about, then I need a lot of information from the GM but 9 out of the 10 times I won't join it anyway. It also discourages me when a RP has bad grammar and I mean… very bad. If there are a lot of RPers joining from whom I know they have a dislike towards me, it can make me stop from joining too, but that's only if it's more than one.

    It happened before that a certain person left a RP because I was in it and he noticed later, this is what i'm trying to prevent.

    I don't have a dislike towards anyone though~ c: