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    Originally Posted by Alexheroalex View Post
    What do I do after I beat the elite four?
    I think the game ends after beating E4 and Adrian.

    Originally Posted by heri View Post
    OK, so I went into the Frozen Dungeon. I was stuck there for a while trying to find another exit...i couldn't. I searched up how to get out of the dungeon and found out that you needed Surf. So I taught it to my Swampert. Only one thing, I still haven't beat the gym i need to to actually use the HM. What do I do now? Please help, and Thank you.
    Enter the Frozen Dungeon then look for the ladder. The ladder will warp you inside and the exit is the cave entrance at the back of the ladder.

    Originally Posted by XXXerneas View Post
    Okay, I really would love to play this game on my Android. I'm running it on Gameboid and it doesn't load. The screen turns black and then after a few seconds it takes me back to the 'select a rom' screen. Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Fire Red both work on the emulator, but Dark Rising doesn't. Someone please help.
    The question is, have you patched it already into a Fire Red rom? Because if you just downloaded the IPS file here and open it with Gameboid that will definitely not work.
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