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Love in the Clouds

Hey everyone, and welcome to Love in the Clouds, the Valentine's Day event! Get in the clouds...cause it's Valentine's...and Swablu and Altaria...are like...CLOUDS okay. This challenge is heavily based on gender and quite a personal challenge. Put your hearts up and let's do this, shall we? Like most events prior to this, each party member has to meet a certain criteria or fill a specific role. And yes, you must use all six party members.

♥ The Present!
Valentine's Day is a time to show the people you care that you, well, care! What better way to do that than by giving them a lovely gift! So yes, you must use a gift Pokemon as a team member. Starters count as gifts as well as eggs.

♥ The Valentine!
This party member must be a favorite of your irl partner, your best friend, or your pair! If you don't have any of those or you do, but none are into Pokemon therefore not having a favorite, never fear! I'll be your valentine. :) This Pokemon must be happy all the time. Don't give it herbs and always let it hold something, so it knows you love it lots. And don't forget to match the gender with the person this Pokemon is inspired from! And name it their name as well! If you don't want to share their name when you update, that's fine. But name it their name anyway... ;)
My favorites for each game:
FRLG: Jolteon
GSC/HGSS: Umbreon
RSE: Altaria
DP: Luxray
Plat: Rotom
BW(2): Petilil

♥ The Attraction!
This Pokemon must learn Attract level up and be the same gender as you! If you're playing GSC or FRLG (which from what I've noticed, nothing learns it level up) you must teach Attract to a Pokemon of your gender. Even though it doesn't learn it level up, this still counts as a slot, so no, you're not exempt from using 6 Pokemon.

♥ The Duo!
Misleading name, as you're not using two Pokemon, but rather, you are using a Pokemon that has a male or female counterpart. However, you must use the one that is of the sex you're attracted to. If you're bisexual, you can pick either. If you're asexual, you must pick a non-legendary genderless Pokemon, regardless of if it has a counterpart. Also, I made a small list to add more variety, as some counterpart Pokemon aren't all male or female. Here's a list of counterparts for this challenge (males on left, females on right):

♥ The Pink!
Use a Pink Pokemon! Duh! But there's a catch.
FRLG/GSC: As soon as it's on your team, it must lead (as in start off) all gym battles
RSE/DPPt: Must win two Cute contests
HGSS: Must win two Pokethlon events
BW(2): Must win a Musical

♥ The Flower!
This Pokemon must be based on a lovely flower! Because doesn't your date like them? Maybe not. Anyway, it must know two Grass moves, one of which should be Petal Dance if at all possible.

Now for the rules!

1. HM slaves are allowed!
2. This challenge is for all main games except for RBY due to the necessity of genders.
3. No trading or hacking is allowed, except for your valentine Pokemon. It should be that person's favorite and I want you to be able to use what they like.
4. Emulators are most certainly allowed!
5. Final updates are due by February 28th 11:59 Central (GMT -6).
6. Challenge ends after defeating Blue (FRLG), Red(GSC/HGSS), Steven (RS), Wallace (E), Cynthia (DPPt), Ghetsis (BW), or Iris (BW2).

Sign up:
Username: Sydian
Game: Ruby

Sydian - Ruby
jdthebud - Sapphire
WarriorCat - White
Rainbow Arcanine - Platinum
BlueShellBeast - Gold
NecrumWarrior - LeafGreen
Rewy - HeartGold
Honeyman - Platinum
diamondmutt1111 - LeafGreen
Leaf Storm - Silver
BinaryPeaches - Crystal
vaporeon7 - Emerald
waters_echo - Crystal
WeightyWillBill - FireRed
Griffinbane - LeafGreen
Toshiro. - FireRed
LilJz1234 - FireRed
Cirno - Emerald
Luke - Platinum
kirax7 - LeafGreen, Crystal, RS
Roswell - Emerald
Fenneking - Ruby
Oshamaru - SoulSilver
atie - Silver
Inkblots - Sapphire
KoboraX - LeafGreen
ShaggyCharmander - FireRed
The Sceptile King - RSE
Breezy. - SoulSilver
11wildy - Crystal
TrollyShammy80 - Yin Black
Luigi-san - FireRed
Jake♫ - FireRed
Bounce - Silver
Eeveelution Co-Ordinator - White
waveguidebuizel - White
Espeon EX - Sapphire

WarriorCat - White
kirax7 - LeafGreen, Crystal, Ruby
Sydian - Ruby
Toshiro. - FireRed
11wildy - Crystal
Cirno - Emerald
Griffinbane - LeafGreen
Luigi-san - FireRed
NecrumWarrior - LeafGreen
jdthebud - Sapphire
Jake♫ - FireRed
Rewy - HeartGold
Fenneking - Ruby
Eeveelution Co-Ordinator - White
LilJz1234 - FireRed
[mod[Derozio[/mod] - Honorary


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