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I honestly did not think I'd finish it by tonight lmao. But here it is! I'm done!

Player: Ace Trainer Alli
Game: Black 2 (Jap)
Badges: 8, Champion

Berry / Jumpluff (f) lv. 63
Giga Drain, U-Turn, Acrobatics, Leech Seed

Gavin / Swellow (m) lv. 61 @ Toxic Orb
Fly, Aerial Ace, Return, Toxic

Shawn / Milotic (m) lv. 64 @ Mystic Water
Surf, Dragon Tail, Ice Beam, Recover

Gus / Muk (m) lv. 61 @ Leftovers
Ice Punch, Dig, Return, Gunk Shot

Alyse / Luxray (f) lv. 63 @ Scope Lens
Thunder Fang, Thunderbolt, Crunch, Strength

Lora / Hydreigon (f) lv. 65
Surf, Flamethrower, Crunch, Dragon Pulse

E4 wasn't that hard really. Neither was Iris. And I couldn't read the game, let me remind you lol. I might re-enter this some time before XY on White 2, cause it's a fun challenge. I might eventually do round 2 E4 with this team as well. They were fun to use and I honestly didn't get the moves I wanted on them, especially Lora, because I was rushing to finish. So maybe by then, I'll have this team drawn out to their full potential.

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