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I think I'll chime in...

Really, BlackBerry? I know that it's a name thing, but wouldn't it better to call your consumer-focused BB10 as something not BlackBerry? Right now, the BlackBerry name screams "old-school" to me, and I've tried a BB7 phone recently (that's less than three months ago), and it's a total kludge. Compared to iOS, Android, or Windows Phone (all consumer-first), BB is behind the times when it comes to the user experience. I wouldn't be sad to see BB go - the Symbian OS, while being a mature platform, is already a thing of the past at this point. The market surely has changed.

I'm actually rather glad that Windows Mobile as we knew it then is deader than dead at this point, as we got Windows Phone instead now. Same thing for Nokia ditching Symbian. They both represent the "old" school, and frankly, in today's consumer world and BYOD stuff, a corporate-centric phone won't cut it for many people.

I still see a lot of BBs here, but I wonder whether that'll be the case in one year...

Also, the Z10's camera is a total joke compared to pretty much every other flagship smartphone. Ew.

That said, I still reserve judgment for the Z10, but I don't have high hopes.
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