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Alright update #1 for my ground type mono run in Emerald

-Did the normal intro stuff.
-Chose my starter which happened to be Treeko.
-Spent the next ten minutes smacking my head into the wall for not picking Mudkip but I decided to keep going anyway.
-Defeated May with Treeko.
-Did the the trip to Petalburg while skipping as many trainers as possible.
-Did the Wally part.
-Caught a Taillow on Route 104 to be my (future) fly slave.
-Skipped the trainers in Petalburg Woods (except for the Aqua guy).
-Went to the Trainer School and the Cut House in Rustboro for the items.
-Traveled east to get my first ground type-Colada the Adamant Nincada.
-Grinded Colada to Lvl 17 on the skipped trainers.
-Decided to try my luck at Roxanne.
-The two Geodudes were fairly easy but Nosepass was a pain.
- Resorted to using Treeko and Taillow as fodder so I could heal Colada.
-However in the end I defeated her and recieved the Stone Badge.
-Then did the second Devon task and the May battle.
-Boarded the boat to Dewford Town and saved when I got there.