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A small "dating sim" aspect, similar to Harvest Moon but without the marriage and children, would be pretty cool, in my opinion--especially if it wasn't forced.

And as for the younger players, it doesn't even need to be a full-blown romantic thing; it could just be like a friendship system or such.

The only two problems I see with it, though, is that: 1. in Pokémon, there is only one save file. If that remains the same in X and Y, that could lead to some general difficulties...I mean, why do you think Harvest Moon and other dating sims allow for multiple save files? And 2. having a dating sim aspect, while not completely seeming out-of-place, would not enhance any of the "main aspects" of the Pokémon games (trading, collecting, battling, etc.) so unless Game Freak wants to add it in as a little extra something, I (sadly) don't see it happening.

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