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I'm not talking about in school or whatever here, but actually a lesson in life. What's 2012 taught you in one way or another?

For me, it'd be to remember to not be too uptight. I've always been a pretty relaxed person but living with some of the people I live with after starting uni, I've reallllly learned that you're gonna be a hard to tolerate person if you're too uptight about the little things - and I'm so glad I'm not one of them. You just come across as boring and stressed and no-one really wants to be around you. I'd say that this is most important when living with a housemate or housemates tho and I imagine it sorts itself over time but yeah. What I've learned (or rather, reinforced the belief of) is to never be too uptight. It just irritates the people you live with.

How about you?!
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