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Alright, here's a cute idea ─ or rather an idea I think is pretty cute with nice storytelling.

Like every other game, we begin as a new trainer. When we arrive to the first gym, we notice a girl or guy (depending on which gender you choose) standing inside the gym. However, unlike most cases, (s)he isn't a trainer. They're more of the silent type ("...") or rather shy so-to-speak. After we defeat the first city's gym leader, we notice that the girl/guy is missing.

As we continue on in our journey, we begin to see this character in random locations for a numerous amount of times. Unfortunately, every time we get too close and they notice us, they put up one of those "!" above their heads and run off. It will play out sort of like a mystery at first. Like, why is this person following us?

After a little while, we finally catch this person. They continue to remain silent when all of a sudden a battle between the girl/guy and us take place. After we defeat him/her, they say, "I think...I think I like you," or something cutesy that implies they have a crush on us.

The main purpose is that they admire us as a trainer and as a person who does good deeds and would like to be as good as us. So they become sort of like a second (or third) rival, but not for the same reasons; they can even help us out in certain tasks like helping stop the bad guys. If I recall, we've never had a character who really looks up to us, and for one to have a crush on us at the same time would be a nice romantic twist.

At the end of the game, (s)he finally becomes brave enough to own up to his/her feelings about us. However, along this journey, their journey, (s)he comes to grow into their own person and a better trainer; thus why (s)he can finally admit to us how (s)he feels without being too shy about it. But in the end, (s)he leaves for their own adventure and says we'll always remain special to him/her.

Then, during a certain day of the week, we can find him/her in a certain location and challenge them. And each time (s)he'll us about something new they've learned along their new journey.
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