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    What kind of dragon Pokémon do you expect to see in XY?

    Oh..! I already asked myself this question. In previous post about Leafy Forest Club, I imaginated a Dragon/Grass type. It would be like a legendary one. But has we can see, there are too many legends who has dragon in their types. And it is kinda boring...! You don't think so? I mean, we see too many Dragon/Flying types. They should change it and innovate something new!
    As we know, dragon are really weak to Ice, my bad, Ice Pokémon are very rare and hard to use, so I'm thinking about a Grass/Dragon one,
    it will balance its rate of power and weakness against ice :DAs Umbr30n said, it would be cool to see a Dragon-Tank in the new generation.

    Here how I see my pseudo-legendary Dragon/Grass

    Special Capacity: Intimidate
    Capacity in Dream World: Multi-Scale

    Multi-Scale could be very useful to tank and to place this dragon in first place as a lead. Intimidate could be useful for physical Pokémon. But Multi-Scale is more interesting.

    Hp 120 | Attack 70 | Defense 120 | SpAttack 90 | SpDefense 120 | Speed 80

    80 speed is really slow, as slow as Dragonite. But its Defense and SpDefense could be useful in a long fight. Roost should be used many time. Maybe that one can learn baton-pass!
    Base of 600. As Dragonite.