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pepperton // phillippa watson
thunder arena // new york city, usa
Ryuujinx was first into the fray, Pepperton following close behind, taking on the next monster. It didn't seem too hard to take down these low leveled monsters, just tedious. She started to form a pattern that avoided her losing any HP; hit, hit, combo, dodge. It was boring, repetitive and Pepperton would never have taken on any kind of enemies this way but it had to be done. She hated not having a real stratergy and hated not being able to move all around the battle field. Still, it was way better than being bankrupt and nameless.

"Hyaaah!" MonkeiBoi_89 came hurtling in, delivering a jump kick from above. Though, without any skill points or it being an actual skill, it did barely any damage. "Oh, that usually works better."

"Stop monkeyin..." she physically had to stop herself from finishing her sentence. How could that have been her immediate automatic response? A pun!? "Stop messing around!"

"Whatevs," he took over from Pepperton, slowly dwindling down the monster's HP to halfway. She stepped back, moving away to safety away from

"Ms. Watson?" Mr. Johnson's voice returned from the world outside of CLOUD, though Philippa didn't even bother turning around or acknowledging his existance. He continued anyway. "Ms. Watson, what do I do now?" Philippa didn't bother muting her mic.


"What do I do?"

"Every second you spend away from a computer and asking me dumb questions is a second closer to your losing you identity. Figure it out," Philippa felt Mr. Johnson's presence stayed a few moments before hurrying off again.

Back in the CLOUD universe, a mis-calculated dodge by MonkeiBoi_89 sent him flying back, losing a fifth of his health.

"Help! Help!! Switch in, switch innnnn!"

"Useless," Pepperton took back over, falling back into her pattern. A few well aimed combo jabs and a punch square in the heart resulted in a critical hit and the monster evaporated into pixels, leaving behind an item and EXP.

The EXP was shared throughout the party, though wasn't enough for a level up. What was most interesting though was the drop. Was that... it was! A welcome kit! Dungeon Master Welcome Kits were extremely handy for any new member, as it contained a few, low-level healing items and five, default class packs, including Soldier, Ranger, Theif, Black Mage and White Mage. Of course, CLOUD didn't have specific classes and many members would hybrid various different battle stratergies into one character. But these class kits would do. At least it would protect them and get through these monsters faster.

Pepperton dropped all five class kits on the ground, choosing to hang on to the healing items for now.

"Quick, grab one and equip it!"
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