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    Originally Posted by AoE-Valcar View Post
    I plan on replaying HG in possibly a few days. I beat it about 6 months ago but remember having a hard time with the team I had. I already have to pokemon in mind i definately want to keep and would like ideas for the other 4 pokemon i should get on my team (post move set if you want).

    1.Typhlosion- Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Flamethrower, Focus Blast
    2.Crobat- Fly, Roost, Shadow Ball/Sludge Bomb, Bite(Crunch if crobat can learn it)

    Well, you got a fire and flying type so far...

    How about a Water type? For example, Lapras is amazing in HG/SS, because it can help cover you against Clair and Lance. It can have this moveset:

    Ice Beam / Surf / Thunder / Confuse Ray

    You may also want to try a grass type, like Vileplume, Bellossom, since Fire + Water + Grass is a great type combo in-game!

    To help cover your crobat, maybe you can try Ampharos? It can sponge electric attacks for your crobat, and Crobat can help dodge Ampharos's ground weakness. It can have this moveset:

    Thunder / Power Gem / Signal Beam / Reflect

    The 6th pokemon can be anything you want, really. Maybe a ghost type like Gengar, or a Psychic type like Alakazam for speed and Power. It's up to you.

    Well, hope this helps.. :3

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