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    Nath, who still had no clue what this "iron band" did, decided he would just have to find out himself. He thought for a while. Although a few thoughts drifted in his head that were disturbing and some unusual memories still receded, he had had some clue of what they might be

    A few days ago, on Pokemon watch live, he remembered he saw a strange woman with the same band on as him in Jubilife. He wasn't certain but he could go and ask her about the situation he was in. He had his plan, but also his ideas, and packed all is things together before leaving twinleaf once more, and said goodbye to his mum for the last time. His holiday home was now no more than a distant memory to him. His mum of course was very worried, but let him go, knowing it was the right thing to do.

    It was about 20 minutes before Nath reached Sandgem town again, where tyrouge was waiting for him with Professor Rowan for the time he went home to say goodbye. After collecting tyrouge and going to the pokemon market for a few minutes to pick up supplies and a potion, he went face to face with route 202, the first challenge before his adventure began...