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I've got into an argument with two of my Skype contacts yesterday regarding whether or not saving the environment. I will refer them as Person A and Person B. Here's what Person A says about the issue:

"idgaf about the environment or polar bears"

"polar bears should die, like everything else will. Really no point in delaying something"

"Ecosystem's going to die sooner or later"

"I hope we nuke the whales so that I don't get over 9000 documentaries on the Discovery Channel about it"

"There isn't such thing as good or evil. Just us."

"I don't really care for the environment; Every animal can die for all I care"

"No, we aren't obligated to do anything. We just eat, drink, sleep, crap, and pee. Everything else is optional"

"Of course I know the planet's going to get ****e if we don't do anything. But I find trouble caring about it because I think our priorities lie elsewhere.

"Bleh, screw the sun. We're going to get robots, then we're going to have interstellar space travel. And along the way we're going to save the god damned animals. And then they'll evolve into things that are useless without our help. We'll be colonizing entire galaxies until the universe finally dies out. Which is inevitable."

"But imo, I think everyone's too busy panicking about the environment that we're not seeing **** clearly."

"We need more arrogant people in the world."

And here's what Person B says about this issue:

"Can't tell if some of these were actually serious.. Remember, I'm a cynical bastard"

"Welcome to the life of a cynic"

"Person A's simply on the other side of the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism"

"I'll state this right now - I'm not a huge religious prick."

"That is part of the reason that I've pretty much descended into cynicism."

"Our cynicism thrives on the negativity that this generation has produced"

It took me a while to find out that Person B really has no opinion about the environment after I misjudged him. Regardless, Do you think Person A has a point about how there's no point in saving endangered animals and their natural habitats from human activity? One youtube user wrote this about polar bears:

"Putting a ban on polar bear parts will not decrease the amount of polar bear deaths as a result of hunting. Anyone educated in basic economics would know that. It will only make them less available, which will increase demand, increasing the market value for illegal trade. If you really want to stop polar bear hunting, you would have to prosecute the people that hunt them. i.e, Eskimo Natives, who cannot be prosecuted under Canadian law. See, people, there are no good options here."

In other words, there's really no point saving them because of human greed and basic economics. There's also the late George Carlin's statement about how saving the environment is a waste of time because the Earth will slowly heal itself, and it has survived worst epidemics than pollution. Then there's that one rainforest episode of South Park poking fun of the environmentists saying that if they have ever gone to the rainforest themselves, they'll end up hating the rainforest and believe it deserves to be torn down. Is it really too late to save the environment due to our slow advancement to green/alternative resources, our addiction to oil, and our need to expand our ever-growing population?
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