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C.J. Styles
--> Cafeteria

As the Escavalier lifted him, his body seemed lifeless. His legs dragging along the ground as it moved him to the chair. Once seated, Ax and Chomp climbed onto the table near C.J., the rest of his Pokemon stayed on the floor near him, watching the trainer that was trying to help.

“Hey, little fellow!” a voice asked, “Can you hear me? Are you all right?”
As soon as the cold water hit him C.J. awoke with a scream, cutting off the voice talking to him, “NOOOOOOO!!” he yelled out, not realizing he was now on a chair it started to tip backwards in the excitement. Luckily Ace and Custos were there to stop it from falling. “Huh? Where am I, and who are you?” C.J. asked the man standing in front of him with a half empty glass of water in his hand.

C.J. looked around trying to figure out where he was, the last thing he remembered was running through the forest, the rest was a blur. At least he made it to safety, and everyone else made it with him it seemed, that was good news. Then the pain hit him.

He tried to stand but failed, wincing due to all of the scrapes and bruises covering him. Perhaps it would be best to sit awhile and figure out how he would explain all of this without sounding crazy. Maybe it would be best to just say he got lost, leave the rest out.
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