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    As everyone else attacked the monster, Wind tried his best to help. More or less. While each of the others had been switching out, Wind tried his best to attack the monster everyone else was fighting. But, as it so happened, no one seemed to notice and as he switched out for a few seconds, he tried to calm down a bit before jumping back into battle. The quick flurries, however, were no match to quelling the beast, and he had to move back and forth, alternating from being outside and making sure no one was going to attempt to attack him (what, people get paranoid in these situations!) and going back in to land a good number of hits. He, at least, didn't get hit, but he had one or two close calls. If his wings were activated, he would've been faster. It was, however, while he was out of the battle that he was first injured, from a hit scored by some guy behind him. Damn! He swiveled around, and then he saw another monster behind him. Spotted! And now... the Daemon ran backwards, to find that Dungeon Master Kits were littered on the floor and the monster had been defeated, which had given him some EXP.

    "Quick, grab one and equip it!"

    "Alright!" Wind picked up... a Soldier (OOC: sorry about that) pack, granting him some metallic green armor (for his torso). Red and green? Doesn't look that great... but it'll have to do. Also gaining a large, but weak, sword, he wielded it skillfully, looking for the next monster that would attack. His shield was up, making sure that he wouldn't be attacked out of surprise. Spotting some kinda blob coming close which had attacked him earlier, he got into a ready stance, waiting as the slow moving, yellow thing arrived...
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