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    Gah, I'm trying so hard to work on this game but I'm in school or busy with school related stuff most of the time and the rest of it I mostly want to relax. ._. I am working on this, so don't worry if anyone actually watches this project. The trainers are slowly being added in, I'm slowly testing through the arenas, and I'm adding in various features (again, slowly).

    I just added in Gloria the spa lady, she will groom your pokemon for happiness and Millie the footprint rater, she looks at your pokemon's footprint to see if your pokemon likes you and gives a ribbon if they love you enough. Not many NPCs left to add in for features, I think. Mostly item givers or pokemon givers, a few need scripts first or a tutorial at least, and then the fillers that give out random hints for the post story or just junk to throw you off course and the ones that just like to blabber about nothing.

    I said earlier that the Arena will try to be finished by the end of my Winter Break, which is the week of the 18th of this month. Still seems like a good goal, but only if I continue to work on it semi-daily. Again, keep an eye on the Arena spoiler in the updates section.

    Seriously looking for feedback from people who have played the game past the introduction areas (the part in the video). If you don't want to post on here (or can't) you can message me on my facebook page, comment on my da account page, or any of the other various links in my signature. I can't find every single bug myself, though I do try to get as many before I release it. Unless one person is just messing with me and downloading it a ton of times, there are plenty of people that at least downloaded the game and I doubt nobody that downloaded it just left it there. If everything works out fine, that's still something I'd like to know.

    All done ranting, I'm going to work on the trainers some more, lots to do before beta 4.0 can be released. (4.0 will come in a .zip and .rar format already unzipped from the sun icon so people don't have that issue as some have supposedly had difficulties.) Thank you if you read this whole progress update.
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