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Solo Pokemon Challenge with - Soul Silver Update #5

The Progress:

-Entered the Elite Four
-Defeated Elite Four Will. Difficulty: 3/5
-Defeated Elite Four Koga. Difficulty: 5/5
-Defeated Elite Four Bruno. Difficulty: 2/5
-Defeated Elite Four Karen. Difficulty: 3/5
-Defeated Champion Lance. Difficulty: 3/5. For Lance, my Meganium was never in any real danger. His Dragonite didn't use a single OUTRAGE and the FIRE BLAST attacks did only about 30% of Meganium's HP (easily recovered with INGRAIN + LEECH SEED). It just took a while because both our pokemon were pretty heafty tanks.

But the challenge and storyline do not end here...
...This is where the REAL challenge begins.

-Arrived back at New Bark Town
-Recieved the S.S Ticket from Professor Elm
-Arrived at Olivine City
-Recieved the National Dex from Professor Oak
-Boarded the S.S Aqua
-Arrived in Kanto! (Vermillion City)
-Defeated Gym Leader Lt. Surge. Difficulty: 1/5. His pokemon wasted their time using double team.
-Arrived at Saffron City
-Defeated Gym Leader Sabrina (she didn't talk about spoons this time D: ). Difficulty: 2/5
Badges: 10/16

The Team:

"Xander" Lvl73

Rash - Overgrow
Amulet Coin
Headbutt, Magical leaf, Ingrain, Leech Seed
HP:230 Att:147 Def:176 SpA:170 SpD:146 Spe:163
"Kim" Lvl

HM Slave - Rock Smash, Whirlpool
"ELisa" Lvl

HM Slave - Cut, Fly
"Daisy" Lvl

HM Slave - Surf, Strength


Solo Pokemon Challenge with - Platinum Update #2

The Progress:

-Defeated Gym Leader Maylene. Difficulty: 2/5
-Defeated the two Galactic Grunts, returning Lucas' Pokedex
-Obtained HM02 FLY
-Taught Staravia FLY
-Arrived at Pastoria City
-Defeated Rival Barry. Difficulty: 0/5
-Defeated Gym Leader Crasher Wake. Difficulty: 2/5
-Flew to Hearthome City and picked up the Amulet Coin, giving it to Farfetch'd
-Chased after the Galactic Grunt and defeated him
-Arrived at Celestic Town
-Defeated Galactic Boss Cyrus. Difficulty: 2/5
-Obtained HM03 SURF
-Taught Bibarel SURF
-Arrived at Canalave City
-Defeated Rival Barry. Difficulty: 2/5
Badges: 5/8

The Team:

"Isaac" Lvl54

Adamant - Inner Focus
Amulet Coin
Aerial Ace, Night Slash, Return, Swords Dance
Hp:135 Att:112 Def:79 SpA:74 SpD:80 Spe:87

HM Slave - Rock Smash

HM Slave - Fly, Defog

HM Slave - Surf
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