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    The Cartriage was new when i bought it. I have over 300 hours on it. Had it since it came out. I have copies of ruby and emerald too, but i cant find them
    The game is real. I know how to tell a fake from the real thing. and a fake also wouldnt last this long before having these problems. i am afraid i may have damaged an interior piece of the game card, and now it wont check the battery.

    Also, If the doexys thing isnt real, then can someone explain the white rock next to the space station? my friend says that you can change deoxy's forme

    the regionals are for all of the most recent game, and i want to finish my pokedex and use a copyswap so i can keep my team in sapphire and still be able to battle with them when i get pokemon x and y when they come out

    Originally Posted by raj95lfc View Post
    So I got the message, 'the internal battery has run dry' and I decided to replace the battery as I just started a new game and I wanted a Milotic which involves growing berries etc. So I successfully replaced the battery and I no longer receive the message. But after placing a Pamtre berry which takes 72 hours to grow I realised it wasn't growing (this was after at least 50+hours so it should have sprouted at least). So a little bit worried I went to the Lottery corner and it said 'please come back tomorrow.' This was worrying as the last time I did the lottery was again 3 days ago. I then went to the clock to see if that was working and the in game clock works fine! I don't think it can be the berry glitch as it affected Ruby and Sapphire from my understanding so I'm worried as to why this isn't working...?

    did you stick any tap on the board and then have to peel it off? it may be a wire problem. thats what im guessing, judging from these comments.

    Originally Posted by Oakesy View Post
    Just out of interest, how is FR/LG different to its 1st gen counterparts?
    i think its the fact that they have the after-game quest to get the ruby and sapphire to make them able to communicate. Emerald version was made because ruby and sapphire werent perfect, and people wanted to play some games with the two remakes, so emerald has the ability to trade from the start. Plus, Emerald is most like the manga. FR and LG were made because of the problems there were with ruby/sapphire.
    Its kinda weird how my birthstone, birthday, and first pokemon are exactly the same as the character Sapphire from the manga. epic.