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    Guys,I've gotten the thread restarted,and I have the new positions available.

    Scripting will definantly be needed,since we have a bug with event pokemon.
    Mappers will be needed,since I honestly can't make a good map,even though that I know how to make a map.
    Tilesetters will be needed,since I want the game looking a bit cleaner and newer!
    Story-liners will be needed,because me and a friend can't just come up with an entire storyline that easily,right?

    Please,get these positions.I could pretty much do everything else,but these five positions.Oh,and guys,thanks for making this a hot thread!

    Also,we have recently fixed two gigantic bugs in the game!One made it so you couldn't insert a new title screen and mixed up other pictures' code,and the other glitch made random wild pokemon spawn.I pretty much redid the whole game from scratch in one day.Of course,we haven't made it that far in the game yet.

    The glitch with the event pokemon we were talking about was something to do with them coming back after you catching it/ it/or you being defeated from it.

    Just to be mean,I have made the capture rate of shadow event pokemon to have a capture rate of 1.
    This will give us a 1/65565 chance of a master ball missing on one of these shadow event pokemon.
    Another thing I will do after we finish the game is to make it un-gamehsharkable.We will change the Game ID so it won't work with gameshark anymore,unless you cracked the code,like Datel did.Happy trails!

    Also,members of the ROM Hack team will now need the newest version of TeamViewer,which is TeamViewer 8!

    NOTE: Don't worry,there will be multiple master balls within this game!
    Oh,and another thing,I DARE you to try to catch a Shadow event pokemon with an ultra ball!
    Against Shadow Lugia however,use a master ball!It is garunteed the 1 hit ko you,with any pokemon,and its stats are in the 400-600's,so do yourself a favor,and use a master ball!