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Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
Ah, I didn't think about reprints. That's convenient - only one attack effect there instead of two.

Super Fang was easy to fix. Fair enough.
No problem.

I considered this "problem" too, but I for one am definitely not going to get to a point where there's no Kadabra (stupid Geller). Besides, all that needs to be done is to create a "dummy" card set (a real set but which the player can never obtain any cards from) containing whichever Kadabra cards you want, just for the sake of them existing. It would ideally contains a Kadabra, Dark Kadabra, and Sabrina's Kadabra to cover all the bases.
Makes sense.

Good to hear. I'm not surprised PlusPower is a little odd, given that it's an original card. Still, I'm following the original rules as close as possible, so this PlusPower will still apply itself after weakness/resistance calculations (assuming the damage hasn't already been dropped to 0 by then, of course; if the damage ever hits 0 after a step, all later steps are skipped and no damage is dealt).
I'm assuming that you'd consider making a version for the newer PlusPower prints at some point? The newer PlusPower prints do apply before Weakness and Resistance are applied. Though all the newer versions of PlusPower are from 2007-onward, so you may not ever get to that point, based on your response to the possible Kadabra problem above.

Obviously the cards I'm using are way before the double battle rules. Can I assume that, unless specifically stated otherwise (which these cards won't), any reference to the "Defending Pokémon" will actually refer to the attack's target? That is, if the opponent has a Charizard and a Blastoise as Active Pokémon, I can only Metronome a Charizard move against Charizard, and a Blastoise move against Blastoise? Not that I'm worrying too much about double battles at the moment, though.
Yes, you can assume this. That move wouldn't take on the opponent's typing, however. It would just use Clefairy's/Clefable's, if you weren't sure about that.

Originally Posted by p.claydon View Post
wit what TCG had double battles (i only got up2 the 1st movie with promo mewtwo) that makes it sound complicated now
Double battles were attempted to be implemented sometime around 2006/2007, iirc. It didn't catch on, however.
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