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Originally Posted by Rivvon View Post
As long as the tutorial is short and well-integrated I do not mind if it returns or not. Not everyone is able to grasp the game mechanics as easily as others, and having the tutorial be a part of the storyline can give more opportunities to understand certain characters' personalities (think Dexter, Ash's original PokéDex; what if our new regional professor is grumpy? A tutorial ran by him/her would be very interesting to go through).
Giving the tutorial some humor with personality isn't such as a bad idea. It's better than the vapid tutorials we've already had in the past. That said, unless it's an entirely new mechanic altogether, I would still prefer it be kept as an option. Personalized or not, I don't think those who have been playing the Pokémon games for 15+ years now need to sit through all of that.
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