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Now that I finally can, I will participate!

Name: BinaryPeaches
Game: Crystal

Gift: Whatever comes from the Odd Egg
Valentine: Sneasel ( Thom. A favorite of one of my pairs and the person I speak to the most online. ♥ )
Attraction: Miltank ( Copying Whitney? lmao idk but why not )
Duo: Nidoking (Not very many choices in GSC ... fact this one is like the only one )
Pink: Corsola ( I've always wanted to use Corsola and now is my chance! )
Flower: Sunflora ( I've used Meganium, Vileplume, and Bellossom before. And since I can't get Venusaur, Sunflora will make due )

Corsola and Miltank may or may not swap places. Since I can get them around the same time I guess I'll figure it out around then.
welcome! may i take your order today?