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    -- Update 2 --

    Chugging along nicely here, got through the rest of the gyms and arrived at the Pokemon League. Whooooooo!

    - Received the Thunderstone from Lass Dana
    - Bolt evolved into Jolteon
    - Gave Magnet to Jolteon
    - Talked to Jasmine at the top of the lighthouse
    - Used TM30 to teach Bolt Shadow Ball
    - Defeated the Kimono Girls and received Surf
    - Caught Krabby - Surfboard
    - Taught Surfboard Surf
    - Arrived in Cianwood City
    - Encountered Suicune and Eusine
    - Challenged by Eusine
    - Bolt took out Drowzee with Shadow Ball
    - St. Helen beat Haunter with Ember
    - Bolt knocked out Electrode with Shadow Ball
    - Defeated Eusine
    - Used HM04 to teach St. Helen Strength
    - Challenged Chuck
    - Bolt took out Primeape with Shadow Ball
    - Poliwrath wiped out Challenger, St. Helen, Zero, and Bolt
    - Switched to Shroomer to heal Challenger
    - Challenger barely survived a Dynamicpunch and overcame Confusion to beat Poliwrath with Headbutt
    - Defeated Chuck and received the Storm Badge

    - Received the Secretpotion from the Cianwood Pharmacy
    - Returned to Olivine and gave Amphy the medicine
    - Challenged Jasmine
    - Zero beat Magnemite with Dig
    - St. Helen weakened Steelix with Ember
    - Bolt finished off Steelix with Shadow Ball
    - Bolt slowly whittled away Magnemite’s health with Shadow Ball
    - Defeated Jasmine and received the Mineral Badge

    - Used TM23 to teach St. Helen Iron Tail
    - Arrived in Mahogany Town
    - Entered the Lake of Rage
    - Caught Red Gyarados - Poseidon
    - Followed Lance to the Rocket Base
    - Challenged Rocket Executive
    - St. Helen took out Zubat and Raticate with Strength
    - Challenger beat Koffing with Rage
    - Defeated Rocket Executive
    - Challenged by Rocket Executive
    - Challenger took out Arbok, Gloom, and Murkrow with Rage
    - Defeated Rocket Executive
    - Knocked out all of the Electrode powering the Signal
    - Received Dive from Lance
    - Challenged Pryce
    - Zero beat Seel with Defense Curl and Rollout
    - Bolt took out Dewgong with Double Kick
    - St. Helen one-shotted Piloswine with a Critical Flame Wheel
    - Defeated Pryce and received the Glacier Badge

    - Taught Poseidon HM03 Surf and HM06 Whirlpool
    - Caught Farfetch’d - Shrek
    - Taught Shrek HM02 Fly and HM01 Cut
    - Gave Mr. Pokemon the Red Scale for the Exp. Share
    - Went to the Goldenrod City Radio Station
    - Defeated the Imposter Director and received the Basement Key
    - Traveled to the Basement
    - Fourth battle against Xerxes
    - Challenger took out Golbat with Headbutt
    - Bolt beat Magnemite and Sneasel with Double Kick and Haunter with Shadow Ball
    - Zero nearly knocked out Feraligatr but was taken out with Water Gun
    - St. Helen finished off Feraligatr with Strength
    - Defeated Xerxes
    - St. Helen evolved into Typhlosion inside the Basement
    - Received the Card Key from the Director
    - Defeated yet another Rocket Executive with an overlevel Golbat
    - ...And another, this one with a lower level Arbok
    - Challenged the final Executive
    - Bolt took out Houndour with Double Kick
    - Bolt beat Koffing with Shadow Ball
    - Bolt knocked out Houndoom with Double Kick
    - Defeated Rocket Executive and saved the Radio Tower
    - Received the Clear Bell from the Director
    - Returned to Ecruteak City and the Tin Tower
    - Defeated the Wise Trio
    - Challenged Suicune
    - Caught Suicune (Barely) - Moses
    - Entered Ice Path
    - Found Waterfall
    - Used HM07 to teach Poseidon Waterfall
    - Arrived in Blackthorn City
    - Challenged Clair
    - St. Helen took out Dragonair #1 with Iron Tail
    - Challenger took out Kingdra with Rage
    - Bolt beat Dragonair #2 and Dragonair #3 with Shadow Ball
    - Defeated Clair
    - Entered the Dragon’s Den
    - Passed the test and received the Rising Badge

    - Returned once again to New Bark Town
    - Received the Master Ball from Prof. Elm
    - Accidentally stepped into Kanto my bad
    - Used TM22 to teach Challenger Solarbeam
    - Fifth battle against Xerxes
    - St. Helen took out Sneasel with Iron Tail
    - Challenger knocked out Feraligatr with Solarbeam
    - Bolt beat Golbat with Shadow Ball
    - Zero annihilated Magneton with Dig
    - Challenger beat Kadabra with Pursuit
    - Zero topped off Haunter with Dig
    - Defeated Xerxes
    - Arrived at the Pokemon League

    ~-~ My Team ~-~


    -- End of Update 2 --
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