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    Originally Posted by tabor62 View Post
    I don't know about N's Pokemon, but I know Dream Radar Pokemon turn into "Faraway Place." Also, I'm fairly sure that Pokemon with Faraway Place revert back to their original catch location when traded back to B2W2.
    Hmm! I have about a half-dozen DW Riolu hanging around my PC, so I might take one of the weaker ones (will have to AR to find a low-IV one) and experiment with that, and perhaps clone one of N's to try it with (haven't trained Zorua yet and REALLY want that one as the one I had in Black was absolutely sensational without all 30-IV values; besides, I need to unlock Zoroark sometime).

    The thing that always gets my goat is that any Route 10 catches imported to B2/W2 become "Faraway place" as well. Not really, they are still caught at Route 10, it just caved in! GF should have left Route 10 (Challenger's Cave too) as a recognized catch location.

    Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
    Blue Shards are normally found randomly in dust clouds in Reverse Mountain and Relic Passage. They're scattered around Unova too; some are hidden. They occasionally show up in Hidden Grottoes as hidden items.
    They're also found via Pokémon Dream Radar. Shards of all four varieties are occasional dropped items. Good way to stock up on Sun Stones and Moon Stones as well, and there are four other types you can eventually pick up including Water and Leaf Stones. I've even picked up a Max Revive, and am eager to get the Sacred Ash item sometime as I want to clone one of those in B/W after a trade.

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