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Tamor Bellfiend
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Tamor slipped in and out of consciousness multiple times before the consciousness stuck and her eyes slowly opened themselves. Her body was slumped against the far wall and ached as she tried to reposition herself. After several failed attempts of trying to summon her strength she gave up completely. Unsure of what to do next she focused on the one thing that always kept her calm, The Council Of Nine, more specifically Tella. Tamor's lips, a paler shade than normal, quivered as she began to chant the hymns she had learned from Eislynn. To anyone else it would sound like gibberish but those who followed knew the words by heart. As she chanted on the wounds that marked her stomach, back, and legs disappeared almost as if they had never happened. Except the emotional damage would forever be there and not a day would go by where she would forget this moment of helplessness. Her affinity for divinity magic was at this moment a blessing instead of a curse that Tella had bestowed upon her but she knew not what would happen in combat.

Within her reach laid her clothes, they were even folded in a nice little pile as if to taunt her. The other knights had somehow failed to hear her bloodcurdling screams that left her throat as sore as her body felt. A nervous laugh came from Tamor and it slowly grew louder and louder. She couldn't believe that she had actually become more pathetic since she accepted the invitation. Her emotions shifted, her laughs became sobs to the point where she couldn't breathe normally.


"Tamor, this is Auden... Your new friend!"

Tamor couldn't help but laugh because she didn't have any friends, especially those of the male gender. It was another attempt at trying to force her to have some social skills that she clearly lacked. The boy that stood in front of her was quite scrawny with lively, brown eyes. They were his best feature Tamor reluctantly admitted. His clothes were all muddy as if he had just got back from an adventure in the mountains. Boldly he came up to her and sat next to her where she fiddled with that grass that lay by her shoes. Her mother had shoved this play date on her but that didn't mean she had to oblige her mother's request to be happy about it.

"Say hello, Tamor..."

No, mother, I won't.

"Tamor... Tamor... Tamor!"


Tamor's body lunged forward as she awoken from her dream state somehow she had dozed off. Her mind had wandered back to the days of her youth. The days that she would love to permanently forget about, the days she had forgotten about before Auden Radke appeared back into her life. What happened to the kid who would talk to her nonstop even though she hardly spoke a word back to him? His life had been turned upside at some point, why was that? A now intrigued Tamor propped herself up as she clutched a nearby chair that held her weight. Slowly she redressed, once again making sure her identity remained a secret, well, to everyone whose name wasn't Auden Radke. Tamor turned around to see that there was a mirror behind her and looked into it. Despite it having cracks and pieces missing she could still see her face, she was still crying. Her hands were used to wipe away the tears before she threw open the door in search of him.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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