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    Originally Posted by donavannj View Post
    I'm assuming that you'd consider making a version for the newer PlusPower prints at some point? The newer PlusPower prints do apply before Weakness and Resistance are applied. Though all the newer versions of PlusPower are from 2007-onward, so you may not ever get to that point, based on your response to the possible Kadabra problem above.
    My goal is to make an engine containing the Base Set/Jungle/Fossil cards. Anything beyond that would be a bonus. Eventually I'll be asking for a selection of cards which demonstrate every new mechanic (e.g. burned status, Baby Pokémon, Lv.X, Stadiums, Plasma cards, LEGEND, etc.) so that I can add in some support for them too, but that's only for after I'm done and if I still care by then (the AI and prettying are bound to take a lot out of me).
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