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    update 4

    team plasma and hugh are at the gate to route 5
    battled team plasma
    had a triple battle with charles
    went over a brigde
    arrived in driftveil
    team plasma is arguing with themselves
    Found the Covenant ore finally
    Riane evolved into a Golem
    Tina evolved into a Ninetales
    went into every building in driftveil looking for norman to find out he isn't in a building just outside up a hill
    Challenged Norman slaking 1shot 4 of my pokemon with crits it would be uber without its ability blueberry for mvp of the fight
    went to the gym
    Challenged Clay everyone worked together so well i didn't even notice clay was at one pokemon until i saw the pokeballs appear

    Team so far
    Rocketman Genesect
    lvl 43 serious nature
    slash/flame charge/metal claw/screech

    Deadmau Quadsire
    lvl 43 relaxed nature
    Aqua tail/yawn/acid spray/earthquake

    Tina Ninetales
    lvl 42 Careful nature
    Flamethrower/will-0-wisp/confuse ray/faint attack

    Riane Golem
    lvl 42 Docile nature
    Rock polish/Rock blast/Bulldoze/Rollout

    jasmine Leafeon
    lvl 45 Mild nature
    synthesis/leaf blade/psycho cut/swords dance

    Blueberry Glaceon
    lvl 43 hasty nature
    ice fang/Frost breath/Quick attack/earth power