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I tried to convince Griffinbane to play this challenge with me, but she refused several times. But, she did agree to be my Valentine for the sake of this challenge.

The Gift:
Jolteon - Eevee is a great gift, and I've never used a Jolteon, and gives me the best type coverage to fill out my team.

The Valentine:
Lapras - Griffy's favorite Pokemon in LeafGreen. Would have been Arcanine, but that's exclusive to FireRed and I have no way to hack or trade on my 3rd gen carts.

The Attraction:
Ninetales - I'm more or less exploiting this one to add another type coverage to the team.

The Duo:
Nidoqueen - I have only used Nidoqueen one time. In a Nuzlocke... with a horrible nature... and it died... at Agatha... So hopefully this time goes better!

The Pink:
Slowbro - Standing out with my choice. He is not fluffy, but who could possibly hate that blank stare?

The Flower:
Veusaur - Sadly, this is the only option in LeafGreen, even though it was the one I was going to use anyway, so this is what I'm using.