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Originally Posted by roosterman View Post
i just had a few questions about rotation battles.
1. does fake out work when rotated in?
2. do pokemons abilitys work when they're in but not in the front?
3. can a pokemon use protect and then rotate to another that will use protect? or is it all on the same counter?
4. if a choice item user is locked into a move, then rotated out and back in again, will it still have its moves locked? and is it the same for encore?
5. does poison and burns affect pokemon that are in but not in the front?
6. is confusion cured when rotated out?
2. Abilities work for the lead Pokemon. Meaning if you have an intimidate Pokemon already out for example, intimidate would only work when put in the lead position.
3. 2 Pokemon can use protect in a row, as they are different and the likely hood of it cancelling out doesn't rise, but I would see no point as you rotate from the beginning of the move, and then use whatever you picked. Meaning if you want one Pokemon for a type advantage or whatever, clicking rotate then protect would mean it would have protect, and no one else.
4.Pretty sure they are, rotatating is not switching.
5.No, only the active lead takes any status ailment damage.
6.Nope, confusion as all status ailments stays.