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Come on, some of us can't resist the temptation to nickname pokemon.
What would you consider your best and worst nicknames?

For me, my best:
Gooby (Slowbro)
Mattie (Arcanine; he was named after my dog Maddie, but she's a girl)
Moustache (Stoutland)
Corleone (Honchkrow)
Gambit (Absol)
Midna (Sneasel)
Luna (Clefable)
Mama (Chansey)
Big Mama (Abomasnow)
Totoro (Snorlax)

My worst:
Misa Amane (Plusle...Look, I was like 14.)
Totoko (A female totodile)
I'd have to look through my old stuff to see the other terrible nicknames I came up with...oh, god.
I am the Dragonairborn!