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I'm surprised I haven't seen this before. Maybe I had you confused for someone else, or you have more than one thread? I could swear you had a thread for tags and avatars, but it was a shop or something.

I think the pixel art, since it's not spoilered away, grabbed my attention first off all before going back through everything else. The guy in the forest is really great, and so is the Butterfree. I love how you limited yourself to only using a set amount of colors. I always want to work that way, but end up having too much going on (with admitingly a rainbow colored gaggle of goofballs). Maybe I oughta try something like that for my own game project, which I'm thinking may be in monochrome, but I haven't quite decided on yet.

The fact that a person can get something this intensive is nothing short of astounding. It's rare as all heck too, that or I've been to all the wrong places. Most people make pixel art to be intentionally blocky, and even the biggest, most time consuming wallpaper sized pixel arts I've seen look like I'm going to Lego Land. I guess it's because most people have preconceived notions of how a medium should appear or be utilized. For some reason, pixels are synonymous with 8 or 16 bit graphics, much like some people think cartoons are nothing but squash and stretch all day long (worse when that stuff shows up on TV. Oy (not saying the principles of animation aren't important, that's something else)).

I love good graphic design, but I still can't find ways to talk about it. I'm just glad I can appreciate it at some level, though. I will say that the website examples are so good. The Fringe and Heretic ones, that is. Oh, and then there's this.

Dunno if that's painted (which you can totally do, as I've seen), but that's just... I just, I mean.. heh. I dunno what to say outside of I love it. Describing why will be hard because, again, I'm not great with the terminology, but it's the choice of colors, mixed with the overall warmness of the picture, and yet the mood doesn't make me feel warm fuzzies but puts me in more of a surreal, dreamy state of mind. That, and I like the colors on the girl, mostly the way the line art is just sort of painted.

I dunno what else to say without talking in circles like a buffoon. You just really know how to apply graphic design to traditional art. I really appreciate seeing works like that, because it's like looking at art with a reason to exist*. It combines the freedom of fine art, with the necessity of graphic design, if you know what I mean.

*Not saying fine art doesn't have a reason to exist. But because it's mostly based on self expression, I guess you can say it's not practical? I mean, I guess it's why a logo is more powerful to the average person than anything at an art gallery, but this is certainly not a generalization.

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